How it works ?

1. You choose your customizable plush.

2. You choose the type of plush customization that suits you.

Please note : each plush has its marking and personalization constraints, so it is necessary to check compatibility.

3. You send us your elements: reference, type of marking and logo by email in order to obtain a quotation.

In order to add your identity to your personalized plush toys, we offer several types of personalization and marking depending on the models.

Our different types of plush customization :

plush to customize logo marking

1. Direct marking (printing or transfer) on the plush or its associated accessory.

customizable plush accessory

2. Adding a clothing accessory (T-shirt, bandana, hat, scarf, etc.) + marking on it.

embroidery plush customization

3. Embroidery: addition of a custom embroidery patch (choice of size, shape, colors).

personalized plush label

4. Printing on the plush label (blank woven label provided on the plush).

promotional plush label

5. Tag: addition of a personalized label on a place of the plush (different materials, shapes and colors)

plush advertising marking

6. Bossing: adding an embossed and varnished logo

Goodies plush toys can be personalized according to the options indicated in each product sheet; each stuffed toy has different customization possibilities depending on its design.

Where to find the type of customization possible?

On each product sheet is indicated the type or types of personalization that can be applied to each plush to personalize (example: embroidery and label).

When the plush is compatible with a clothing accessory, its size is specified (example: accessories size M).

EXAMPLE: Personalization for this polar bear plush can be done on: adding an embroidery, adding a bandana (size S) or adding a bossing (size S).

polar bear plush toy to customize

Embroidery : For all plush toys to customize we can add a custom embroidery at the location of your choice. We create a custom embroidery according to your logo and come to personalize your plush with it, the rendering is very qualitative. The embroidery can have a round, square, rectangular or custom shape.

Plush customization marking price:


100 pieces 250 pieces 500 pieces 1000 pieces

1. Direct marking

(not possible on long hair fur)

1.30€ 1.10€ 1.00€ 0.80€
2. Accessory marking
White color accessory 1.30€ 1.10€ 1.00€ 0.90€
On colored accessories (blue, red, yellow ...) 1.60€ 1.50€ 1.40€ 1.10€
3. Embroidery
Regular shape 2.50€ 2.30€ 2.00€ 1.80€
Custom shape devis devis devis devis
4. Label Marking
couleurs 1.20€ 1.00€ 0.90€ 0.60€
5. Tag - 1.00€ 0.80€ 0.70€
6. Bossing - 2.00€ 1.80€ 1.60€
Personnalisation accessoires peluche, informations importantes à noter. À noter :

  • Depending on the size and model of the plush, the plush personalization elements are different.

  • A minimum quantity of 100 pieces is required for personalization.

  • The cost of personalization varies depending on the size of the printing area, the number of colors, the quantity ordered and the technology used.

Whether it is a company plush or a goodies plush intended to be offered or sold, the plush personalization will allow you to develop your communication and marketing.
Advertising marking allows your personalized plush to spread your company logo, your brand name or your concept!

Customizable plush accessories :

The customizable accessories for stuffed toys are many and varied, it can be specific clothing and outfit.

Clothes : Overalls, dress, scarf, cap, tie, bathrobe, bandana, sweatshirt, t-shirt, safety vest, Christmas clothes (t-shirt, hat).

Outfits : footballer outfit, nurse gown, lab coat, doctor outfit, party costume. Depending on the size of the plush, there are different sizes of accessories defined by size (XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL).

Plush accessories to personalize with logos and texts. Personalized plush clothing.

Mix and assortments :

It is possible to mix the plush toys for the same personalization with a clothing accessory marking or a label.

Example : 100 promotional stuffed animals with 4 different styles (lion, monkey, crocodile, reindeer) for a total of 400 stuffed animals and 400 personalized t-shirts., the largest selection of plush toys to personalize from 100 pieces. Customizable plush with your logo, text or brand. Personalized plush or advertising plush in CE standards, ideal as an advertising object, corporate gift or association plush. Customizable plush with marking or personalized plush accessories.