Who are we ? Plush toys customization

Peluche Publicitaire (Advertising Plush) is a site belonging to the company Ma-Mascotte.com created in 2011 and specialized in the manufacture of custom mascots and custom plush toys as well as a variety of custom goodies.


Ma Mascotte offers a range of varied advertising items (custom figurine, custom antistress, custom keychain, inflatable POS or even custom statues or sculptures). 


With Peluche Publicitaire you will find the personalized plush that suits you! With these low prices, the soft toys to personalize will allow you to develop your activity or your image.

Who ?

Peluche-Publicitaire.com is an online French company specialised in advertising stuffed toy and personalized stuffed toys that you can personalize with logos and text. Textile professional, we offer the largest selection of customizable plush toys.

What ?

All plush toys are quality stuffed toys that match CE standards. Those personalized plush can come with various accessories: t-shirts, scarfs, bandana, suits, etc.

The stuffed toy itself or the accessories are personalizable with texts and logos. We offer different types of personalization and branding depending on the stuffed toys. Most of the time, it is only a tag personalization or an accessory branding (t-shirt or scarf for example).

For who ?

Our advertising and personalized stuffed toys are adressed to all types of clients (individuals, company, associations) who desire to offer or sell a personalized stuffed toy at their image.

They are associations, sports clubs, small or big companies, works councils, students' associations, etc.  We are talking about company plushies, goodie plushies or even promotional plushies (for communication and marketing actions).

Where ?

Your personalized plush order can be delivered in France, Belgium, Swiss, but also internationally at your home or at your client's place (neutral sending).

When ?

A permanent stock of stuffed toys allows us to have quick delivery time. In fact, our average delivery time between the order being placed, the personalization and the stuffed toys reception is of approximatively 3 weeks. The deadline can be reduce if you want only the plush (without textile marking).

How much ?

The minimum order quantity is relatively low at Peluche Publicitaire, but do still allows us to offer an competitive pricing policy between the unit cost of a stuffed toy and the one of the personalization.

"With an unequalled Price-Quality-Delivery Time ratio, we offer the best quality of stuffed toys with a record delivery time while also limiting the cost. Our client's satisfaction is the key to our concept."

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