You can choose your own personalised plush model from our hundreds of references online: plush toys, key rings, soft toys, Christmas toys, etc.

Promotional plush toys: customized plush toys and cuddly toys

Association, Company, Sports club, BDE ... enjoy a personalized plush that reflects your image!

Personalizing a plush toy with your logo guarantees a successful promotional stuffed toy that looks like you. Offer your customers or employees an original corporate gift.

Intended to be offered or sold, a personalized plush will appeal to adults and children. From bear plush to owl plush, you will find the widest variety of plush to personalize on our site.

With, choose the plush to personalize among hundreds of models and personalize it with your texts and logos. The plush marking can be done in screen printing, embroidery, printing directly on a label, or an accessory or the plush.

Plush are available quickly and delivery times reduced. All goodies plushes comply with CE standards.

Fields of action : corporate gift plush, promotional plush, goodies plush, advertising plush, customizable plush, Christmas plush.

Our clients : Companies, Associations, Sports Club, Works Council, individuals ...

Personalised plush toy from 100 pieces with personalisation

 From 1.00€ HT / plush toy and delivery at home within 3 weeks

Steps for ordering plush toys

Plush toy choice

  • Minimum order of 100 pieces
  • Plush toys from 2.30€ / piece

You choose your model of customizable plush toy among our hundreds of references available online: plush toys, key rings, soft toys, Christmas...

Choice of plush customization

  • Minimum order of 100 pieces
  • Customization from 0.75€ / piece

You choose the personalisation of the plush toy : embroidery, label, accessory, printing. Each plush toy has its own marking constraints.

Delivery of your order

  • Delivery to your home within 3 weeks
  • Prix entre 10€ et 45€ (without VAT)

Your promotional plush toys are delivered within 3 weeks to the address of your choice (depending on the quantity ordered)

(Estimated delivery time)

Our selection of plush toys to personalize

If you want a custom made plush custom plush toy, it is possible to make a special production (minimum 500 pieces), see here: Custom Plush Manufacturer