Association, Company, Sport club, Student association… order a personalized stuffed toy in your brand image!

A personalized stuffed toy guarantee a successful sales campaign that looks like you. Offer you clients or associates a corporate gift.Our clients: Companies, Associations, Sport clubs, Work Council...
For your work council think about a gift that looks like you. Meant to be gifted or sold, a personalized stuffed toy will know how to seduce men and kids. Corporate gift, advertising stuffed toy, personalizable stuffed toy, corporate stuffed toy. All our stuffed toys respect CE standards. offers you the possibility to buy advertising stuffed toys and personalized stuffed toys with you texts and logos for all you sales campaign.

Personalized Stuffed Toy

Starting at 100 items (stuffed toy only)
or 250 items with personalization

Starting at 1.00€ ht / stuffed toy

Delivery in 3 weeks

Choix de la peluche publicitaire.

Stuffed toy choice

Icone pièce peluche publicitaire. Starting at 100 items

Prix peluche publicitaire. Starting at 2.30€/items

You choose your stuffed toy model among an online catalog of hundreds of models: stuffed toys, stuffed toys key ring, accessories...

Personalization choice. Advertising Accessories.

Personalization choice

Stuffed toy item icon. Starting at 250 items

Stuffed toy price. Starting at 0.75€/item

Personalization type: Marquage sur étiquette, ajout d’accessoires vestimentaires et marquage Bossing (ajout d’un logo en relief verni)

Stuffed toy delivery. Stuffed toy accessory delivery.

Home order delivery

Stuffed toy delivery. Home delivery under 3 weeks. Livraison chez vous sous 3 semaines

Stuffed toy price. Between 10€ HT et 45€ HT
(depending the quantity ordered)

Your personalized stuffed toy order will be delivered under weeks. (estimated time)